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Your guide to gym etiquette!

From the changing rooms to the cardio zone, when it comes to gym etiquette, there are a few rules we would like everyone to follow.bolton_club_05

Cardio Zone

Don’t get mobile

Chatting on a treadmill is a recipe for disaster. There are exceptions for using your phone on a treadmill and that’s if you are firing up fitness apps like Runkeeper or Fitbit to stay on track. But otherwise, it’s safer (and less annoying) to keep yur eyes of you phone on on the road (er, treadmill).

Play it safe

Interval training aside, keep the treadmill stunts to a minimum. No carrying weights, running backwards or copying music videos.

Keep it to yourself

This should go without saying, but most people like to get a sweat on during their training session. At the same time most people don’t want you to share it so when you finish on a piece of equipment. Do not pass go; proceed directly to the cleaning sanitizer and paper towel and wipe your machine down. A workout towel will help to mop up during your session too.

No marking your territory

It’s said that when the Germans are on holiday they like to rise early and save their sunbed. We all know how annoying that is, so, don’t expect that towel or water bottle to mean “dibs” on the cross trainer

Free Weight Zone DSC_0999

Respect the headphones

Feel free to mingle, but people who have their headphones on are basically putting up a ‘do not disturb’ sign. So, save the chit chat until later.

Wax on, Wax off

Sure, we may hit the gym to avoid doing the housework, but wiping down equipment is chore with serious payoffs. (No one wants a side of germs with their workout)

Lift a finger

More chores, we know. But returning free weights, dumbbells and other free training equipment to their proper places is more than courteous – it might burn a few extra colories too!

Mind the mirror

Leave the lip gloss application, ab adoration, and smizing to the boudoir. Gym mirrors are there for form and safety, so let’s use them to perfect technique and max your gains.


Sometimes there just aren’t enough toys for everyone. Why not let a stranger “work in”. Rather than standing idly by, max your time and efforts with a few killer supersets.

Easy does it

Can we make the gym earthquake free? Avoid dropping heavy weights like they’re hot cakes – and leave excessive grunting of the menu while you’re at it.

The studioIMAG0299

Be an early bird

Fashionably late doesn’t apply when it comes to group classes. Get there 5 minutes early, find your spot and settle in without disruption.

Not too close

Make sure your arms and legs can extend fully – without touching your neighbour. There is never an excuse for an improper touch.

Cancel for courtesy

Classes can be popular and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to book your class and finding it’s full. Be courteous and cancel at your earliest convenience then someone else can get their workout.

Be kind

Now this one applies to all areas of the gym. Smile, be courteous, and even maybe say “hi”. The gym may not always be the happiest place on earth (that’s Disney World, right?), but it can’t hurt to try.

Changing roomsbolton_club_14

Put hygiene first

While some people are actually allergic to deodorant, for the rest of us, there is no excuse for smelling like your old gym socks. And no, there isn’t an alternative to keeping yourself smelling fresh in the gym.

Cover up

Seriously, not everyone grew up in a naked home. Chit chatting in the buff might make you feel fantastic to you, but you’re bound to make someone else uncomfortable. We all need boundaries, right?

Pack it up

Bench hogs, take note. Trainers, gym bags, coats don’t all deserve a spot on the bench or floor for that matter. Lock up your belonging and keep the space for other gym users.


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