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Level 3 Personal Trainer

Jake Barr

About Jake

A hard working and motivated level 3 personal trainer with 4 years training experience.

“Through years of training and studying I have been able to experiment with different training methods and learned which techniques work best for which goals. I can give guidance to nutrition and how to change bad lifestyle habits. No matter what your goal is I plan to get you the best results possible by developing a programme and nutrition guide to specific to your requirements.

Jake specialises in:

Muscle Building

By using proven methods from coaches and trainers around the world, Jake can show you the best way to build muscle and new ways to shock the muscles by incorporating advanced methods in to your training programme.

Strength Training

If you’re struggling to get stronger or have reached a plateau and can’t get past it then Jake will help you get stronger than ever, using the most efficient but safe training tactics to beat your old personal best.


If you’re looking to get fit then you will be taken through different styles of training to get you to your goal fitness level, from intervals on the treadmill to intense HIIT sessions.


Nutrition is the most important key when it comes to achieving any kind of goal related to the gym or changing your body, by educating you and helping you to understand why nutrition is so important to accomplishing your goal, Jake will help guide you on what kind of foods to eat and portion control.

Health and fitness has always been my passion and my aim is to assist as many people as possible to improve their lifestyle.

Personal Trainer