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Being Fabulous at 50!

I’ve always been fairly fit and enjoyed running but coming up to 50, I wanted to overcome some bigger challenges and maintain my fitness for years to come. So I decided to take on a Tough Mudder – I wasn’t going to let age get in the way!

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a fit and healthy me!

I used to be the type of lad who enjoyed his drinking and takeaways on a regular basis. It was starting to affect my self-esteem and I hit rock bottom. I knew NOW was the time to get it sorted!

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Next Year’s Marathon!

After giving up smoking I felt like it was time for a lifestyle change. I weighed 16 and a half stone and knew I needed to get in better shape. Three years later I’ve done two Tough Mudders, two Half Marathons and I’ve signed up to do a Full Marathon!

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Competing in International Charity Fundraisers

As middle age took hold, I found I had put on an additional 3 stone. I wouldn’t have noticed too much, but it was beginning to affect my health. I started to suffer from a hernia and constantly felt uncomfortable and tired.

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feeling better than I did in my 30s!

In 2012 I had a heart attack – my heart actually stopped on the operating table. After recovering I wasn’t prepared to sit in a rocking chair for the rest of my life, so I decided to improve my lifestyle. This meant looking after my body better than I had been!

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my daughter's wedding

I was being bullied at work and felt I was slipping into depression and I knew exercise would help. With my daughter’s wedding around the corner I knew I needed to act.

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building confidence not just muscles

For me, I didn’t just decide to sign up to the gym straight away. I was invited to join the Helio Survival of the Fittest Team back in 2014. I hadn’t trained in a while and my confidence was low but I’ve never looked back.

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Ibiza with the girls!

I wanted to join a gym because I ultimately wanted a lifestyle change to lose weight – like most people I guess! I wasn’t sure what type of fitness would suit me so I tried classes and having a PT and now I love it!

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