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Blackpool Club

Newton Drive, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY3 8ER

Lytham Club

61 St Albans Road, St Annes on Sea Lancashire, FY8 1TG

Helio Fitness

Our Journey

  1. How Helio


    The Helio lifestyle started in 1997 with our first gym in St Annes, a ladies-only gym, which we are still operating today! Our St Annes gym is a local gym which even has a tanning salon! 
  2. This Is

    The Helio Story

    Due to popularity of our St Annes gym, we expanded to cover more floor space and to permit more members! 20 years on, our first gym is still as popular as ever and it encouraged us to expand further…
  3. A New Start

    Helio Blackpool

    Helio Blackpool opened in 2001 with a slightly changed format. Helio Blackpool is open to all, unlike the ladies-only St Annes gym, and covers a larger volume of floor space. As a bigger gym, different types of equipment could now be incorporated, such as free weights.
  4. Helio


    In 2008, Helio became a leader in the low-cost gym field, offering one of the best options on the market, ensuring quality, high level service and a cheaper price point.
  5. Time To Expand

    Helio Bolton

    Helio Bolton was officially opened in 2011 as the largest Helio gym yet! Fully equipped with all the exercise equipment you could wish for, a diverse class schedule and an excellent team of personal trainers, what more could you want from a gym?
  6. Helio Rebrands

    Say Hello to Healthy

    Helio rebrands to include its gym proposition, but also to position itself as a healthy lifestyle facilitator, not just a ‘gym’. Helio can help all its members Say Hello to Healthy through regular exercises and a manageable nutritious diet.