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Level 3 Personal Trainer

Rebecca Ratcliffe

About Rebecca

A passionate Level 3 qualified personal trainer who believes that consistency is the key to change!

“I am a strong believer in ‘consistency is key’, and in order to change your body you need to change your lifestyle and forget about quick fix diets. I aim to teach you everything you need to know about leading a healthier, more active lifestyle by creating long term plans that are sustainable but still enjoyable.”

My passion for fitness means that I want to share this with people that want to become better, stronger versions of themselves, and that I am always up to date with the latest research and methods.

Rebecca specialises in:

Fat Loss

I have to spend endless hours on the treadmill to lose some fat? FALSE!

If you’re serious about fat loss, you must make time for nutrition, build muscle and schedule your week wisely. Rebecca will help you achieve this in a way that will fit in to your lifestyle whilst understanding your goals and level of ability.

Pre & Post Natal

As a certified pre & post natal specialist and having had 2 babies herself, Rebecca can teach you a thing or two about staying fit during pregnancy. As she has learnt herself, no two pregnancies are the same and she will do her best to help you stay fit no matter what your pregnancy is like. Rebecca can coach and plan a suitable plan that will help support and enhance pregnancy and also support you after pregnancy in achieving your pre baby body!

Muscle Strength

Strengthening muscles not only provides extra stability to the body, it also enables more control over movements. The ability to control movement will allow us to move better in everyday life!

Rebecca can create tailor made programmes focused mainly on weight training to build muscle.


Metabolic conditioning simply refers to the structured pattern of work and rest periods within your training to draw out a desired response from the body. It can, quite often, be as simple as intervals and may consist of a complex circuit working on flexibility, core, balance, strength and power. It is very time efficient, extremely effective and allows for greater variety in each session.

Health and fitness has always been my passion and I love sharing my passion with others to help them achieve their goals. It's the most rewarding feeling.

Personal Trainer