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Training for a marathon or a competitive obstacle course can be daunting, we know, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt. But with a solid training plan you may even surprise yourself with how well you do.

Our team has extensive knowledge about how to prepare the best training plans. Many of our team have competed in marathons and obstacle courses themselves so they know first-hand what is required as part of your training.

You probably remember the old ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude to fitness.

Well, a lot has changed since that philosophy ruled the gym. Here at Helio we promote healthy living, in and outside of the gym.

Fitness is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Add a little physical activity every day and you’ll soon find yourself feeling more energetic and alert. As your fitness levels improve, so will your quality of life. That could be mean living longer, making everyday tasks easier or reducing the chance of illness.

No pain, no gain - NOT!

It's your choice

Active living means integrating physical activity into your daily routine.

Why not complement your efforts in the gym with an extra dog walk or by taking the stairs in the car park – simple choices that all add up.

Physical fitness is increasingly about personal choices. You decide how active you want to be. Build physical fitness into your daily routine and you’ll be surprised at how effortless healthy living can be – and how good it can make you feel!

BMI Calculator chart

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy
25.0 - 29.9 Overweight
30.0 - and Above Obese
* BMR Metabolic Rate / BMI Body Mass Index

calculate your bmi & bmr

Your BMR calculator generates the number of calories your body burns per day at rest. Your BMR with activity factor is the number of calories your body burns per day based on the activity factor you selected.