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Andrea’s Story

I’m in better shape now than ever before, I’m definitely fabulous in my fifties!

When I hit the big 5-0 I decided to step my fitness levels up a gear. I set my sights on doing a Tough Mudder and improving my overall fitness and muscle strength. I knew this meant using weights in the gym – something I’d never used before and was nervous about doing.

My personal trainer, Paul, put my mind at rest and taught me how to safely use weights to my advantage. It’s benefitted me so much! It’s not always about the number on the scales – I’ve dropped two dress sizes, but my weight has stayed the same through improved muscle strength!

I’ve just had my 50th birthday, completed another Tough Mudder and never felt better.

There’s been some struggles along the way but I’ve no desire to slow down now! The team at Helio are amazing and always happy to help. There’s a great atmosphere here and I’ve made friends who I catch up with outside the gym too!

I’m going to keep aiming high. I have a better social life than I did in my twenties and I will continue to be fabulous in my fifties!

Andrea came here with the normal nerves and doubts, but took on each challenge with a great attitude. Together, we broke her training down into manageable chunks, and most importantly, set goals that were realistic for her.

Paul Dickinson
Personal Trainer

Meeting the goal

How she did it

Through working with Paul, I now use the free weights on my own, something which I didn’t previously feel comfortable about. Paul keeps me on track, sets my workout programme and has instilled a confidence in me to use the facilities whenever I want.

My focus has been on free weights and using exercise machines to do exercises such as Lat Pull-Downs, Leg Press and Chest Press but it is all about a healthy balanced lifestyle, a combination of nutrition, endurance, muscles strengthening and confidence building.

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