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Damien’s Story

My weight peaked at around 16 and a half stone.

I reached the point where my appearance was outweighing the good feeling I got from the food and drink! I knew it was time to sort out my diet and fitness and get on the right path to feel better about myself. I knew I had hit a point where I didn’t like myself, so I needed to be motivated and retain that motivation.

I wanted a gym where I’d feel comfortable, respected and not judged for being a big guy. I knew once I’d built up my confidence I’d want a personal trainer too – it’s all under one roof at Helio, so it was the perfect match!

That one day was the initial drive, but a year on, Helio has become part of my lifestyle.

I’ve realised fitness is a gradual process rather than a quick fix, even though it started as one. Whatever you do, you can find the right balance and look after your health as a priority.

I now look and felt better than ever! I’m in great shape and feel so much better in myself, but I didn’t want to stop there! I was determined to carry on to see what else I could achieve. The sky is now the limit for me, my fitness and my health.

We know what it’s like - people walk in and see a hundred machines and have no idea where to start! It’s our job to break down any barriers and plan the right fitness journey for them. That’s exactly what Damien needed, his barriers and preconceived misconceptions to be broken down.

Callum Kidd
Personal Trainer

Meeting the goal

How he did it

When I started getting back into exercise I didn’t know where to start so I enquired about a PT and I got the perfect PT for me. Paul kept me focussed and knew my pace but didn’t let me slack off! He really guided me through my training and diet, and I started to see the differences.

I felt like I was achieving something every session. I started to look forward to them instead of dreading them! Paul’s approach kept me engaged and working hard without feeling overwhelmed.

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