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Erin’s Story

I needed to join a gym which understood my health implications

I knew I would need help from a great personal trainer to help me get in shape, lose weight as well as understanding the challenges which come with my health. I didn’t just choose Helio for the weight loss and fitness, I had also set myself a goal of completing the Manchester 10k!

My personal trainer Tracy takes me through my paces once a week and helps me understand the effects of eating right and gave me new workout ideas. I can ring or text her anytime for support! She’s never just ‘on the clock’- it’s a 24 hour service.

Helio hasn’t just improved my fitness, it’s also had a massive impact on my social life

I’m more body confident and comfortable in my own skin. I’m even back in my favourite pair of jeans – sometimes it’s the little goals that matter!

The friends I’ve made are so down to earth. They’re people I lean on for encouragement, in and out the gym! There’s a good group of us now who don’t just work out together, but go out together! More than anything Helio has become a part of my lifestyle.

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Meeting the goal

How she did it

My workout consists of a mixture of cardiovascular exercise and strength training with weights and through using my own body weight.

I’ve now lost over 5 stone, but ultimately it’s about feeling so much better – I’ve not only completed the Manchester 10k but the Manchester Marathon too! I’ve got more planned for the future, knowing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to!

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