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Helen’s Story

Due to my health implications this gave me a renewed desire to drastically improve my health and fitness, to become the fittest I’ve ever been!

I knew I was falling into depression and I was also diagnosed with abnormal blood vessels on the brain, which required brain surgery to remove them.

I was also diagnosed with epilepsy. After a break from fitness, slowly I returned to the gym after my recovery.

I decided to get a personal trainer to help me achieve this. I wanted to challenge myself to 10k runs and to push myself out of my comfort zone, so I also entered a triathlon.

This was a challenge for both me and my PT Chrystal who researched the best training techniques required for a triathlon so I could be the best I could be, taking into account my health implications.

I achieved my goal through awesome coaching and encouragement from Chrystal and I even ended up finishing 2nd in my age category! As this challenge has now been completed, I’m onto training for the next one – a Tough Mudder, the Manchester Half Marathon this year, and next year an Olympic distance triathlon! I wasn’t going to let a few medical stumbling blocks get in my way!

With Helen, I knew I needed to take her lifestyle and health issues into account and work around them to find the best routine. She had a great attitude and has been one of my most determined clients.

Jennie Oss
Personal Trainer

Meeting the goal

How she did it

Two years on and I’ve lost 2 and half stone, gained massive amounts of confidence and at 55 I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. This year my daughter is getting married and I will be able to stand proud and full of confidence knowing I will love looking back on the photos for years to come.

I’ve been at member at Helio for 4 years and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. The staff are so friendly and helpful. From everyone at reception, to those on the gym floor and the PT’s, you’re never made to feel inadequate and training advice is given freely. Personally I think I’ve got the best personal trainer in the business – I couldn’t be happier with Chrystal!

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