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Kate’s Story

I had an absolutely fabulous time at the Survival of the Fittest Team event.

I wasn’t made to feel unfit or slow – which compared to others I was, to be honest! It was all about getting to the sessions for me – once I turned up, I was halfway there! After this I cancelled my other gym membership and came to Helio as a member.

I’ve never been a runner, but it’s always been something I wanted to do. Once I joined I set myself a goal – to complete a half marathon in under three hours. Still slow to some, but for me it was (bloomin’) hard!

This whole experience has given me a renewed sense of energy and achievement.

The confidence I’ve gained from training at Helio has not just improved my physical fitness but given me an attitude to keep going and to do more in other parts of my life! I’m entertaining more at home, seeing my friends more and people are noticing that I just look ‘well’.

The team here were great throughout my training, I always received so much support from Chrystal my PT. I even ended up adjusting my goals as I achieved some sooner than I thought!

When Kate started training with me she wanted to improve her overall running performance, which included her running technique, form and fitness. Over the course of a year she managed to achieve way more than she expected, losing just over 2 stone and going from struggling to run 3 miles to completing a 63 mile race. She has had a few injuries along the way, but we changed the training to suit her needs and worked on a lot of mobility and stretching to reduce the risk of any more injuries.

Chrystal Swaries
Personal Trainer

Meeting the goal

How she did it

I’m so happy that I completed my half marathon in under three hours! I even achieved a sub 10-minute mile – something I never thought possible!

My next challenge…? Completing a 60 mile marathon in under 24 hours at the Ultra Marathon Race to the Stones. There’s no way I would have been able to do this without the training and support from Chrystal, not just physically but I didn’t think it would be possible.

I know I’m going into this in the best way, ready to attack the challenge with the correct training!

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