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Helio Health Hints – The Easiest Fat Loss Tip….EVER!

Helio Health Hints – The Easiest Fat Loss Tip….EVER!

The Easiest Fat Loss Tip…..EVER!

Let me do you a favour and give you some simple advice on fat loss.

Do this… and you’ll be winning the game 100%.

Thing is, people really like to over complicate fat loss.

They’re using big words and fancy equations that, quite frankly, are very unnecessary.

The easiest way to simplify your diet and actually see noticeable fat loss is to eat less.


That’s it.

Just eat less.

Shocking, I know.

Multiply your bodyweight times 10-12 and that’s how many calories you should be eating each day……and make sure that at least 100g of those calories are from protein.

So if you weigh 175 you’ll be eating 1750 on the low end or 2100 calories on the high end.

(***There are 4 calories in 1g of protein, so that leaves you 1350 to 1700 calories to come from carbs or fat. And don’t listen to the outdated recommendations that you should be eating 1g or protein per lb of bodyweight.)

If you’re training hard I recommend starting on the higher end of your calorie recommendation so you have another ace up your sleeve when fat loss slows down.

What I mean by that is if you start on the low end you can’t lower your calories anymore once fat loss stalls.

Starting high gives you more room to play with.

Now, the reality is that 2100 calories for an adult male is NOT a lot of food.

And that’s why most people don’t lose fat the way they want or expect to……because they end up eating way, way more than that.

Nobody gets fat eating 10-12x their bodyweight in calories……Nobody.

Any of us could throw down 2100 calories on a night out to dinner at our favourite restaurant.

Trust me… It’s easily done.

So my easiest fat loss tip is to have the large majority of your calories in one meal at night.

That way it never feels like you’re sacrificing or suffering.

Here’s an ideal eating game plan for the day…

Have a few eggs in the morning.

Have a small protein shake or salad (with protein) in the afternoon. Add some greens or fruit to one of both of those meals if you like.

Then save up your other 1500 plus calories for the night time feast.

Sacrifice a bit during the day when you want to be alert and productive and don’t have a lot of time for big sit down meals, then enjoy a big satisfying meal with friends or loved ones at night.

Just eat balanced and until you’re satisfied.

Take your time and chew your food.

It’s as simple as that.

Use the formula to calculate what your daily calorie intake should be and be strict.

Thanks for reading.

Team Helio

If you would like more support or information relating to nutrition please speak to one of the team in club. We’re always happy to help.