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Helio Gym Myth Buster – Everyone is watching me!

Helio Gym Myth Buster – Everyone is watching me!

We’ve all felt it. You timidly prise open the doors of the gym like the swinging doors of a saloon and a silence seems to settle upon the gym and all eyes appear to train upon you as if you are a limping gazelle navigating the Savanna.

While this might be what it feels like, it’s not the case! Everyone feels a little insecure in the gym; worrying someone can run faster, longer, better than you. Worrying that someone can lift more than you and for longer… But you need to remember that no one is in a gym to laugh at others, people are there to work hard! Most people are actually more supportive than you imagine.

“But I can feel it!”, hold that thought. Have you actually ever caught anyone staring, or have you just decided that they are in your head? According to personal trainers this worry comes from being concerned with being or appearing inexperienced. This is nothing be ashamed about! You’re working hard and giving it your all. Stand tall and be proud. Remember that everyone in the gym started their fitness journey as a beginner.

It’s important to keep in mind that no one will be looking at you because they’re all working on themselves! However if you really think people are watching you, just remember that all the time they’re watching you working out becoming a better, faster, stronger you!

Helio has many personal trainers on hand to help you out if you need help, we want you to feel as happy and as comfortable as possible! Why not get in contact to find out more.