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Helio – Gym Myth Buster – Free weights are only for bodybuilders

Helio – Gym Myth Buster – Free weights are only for bodybuilders

We’ve all seen them; the men whom look as if they were carved out of mountains and whose grunts resonate throughout the gym, shaking us to our very core. You’re not alone in finding them slightly intimidating, we’re in the same boat!

You may feel like the bodybuilders and the schwarzenegger-esque gym-goers seem to dominate the free weights area, don’t let that make you think free weights are just for them!

Here at Helio we are completely inclusive and dedicate our free weight area to anyone who wants to use them – regardless of experience and size.

Find out why free weights are essential for everyone to use, not just bodybuilders!

They’re highly efficient

Due to the fact that free weights aren’t fixed, you have free mobility. You have freedom to use the weight in line with exercises in your plan. Free weights not only can be used for working multiple muscle groups at one time but they also engage multiple muscle groups. So while you might be doing a military press with a barbell, working your arms and shoulders you’re also working your abs too!

We are all time poor nowadays so stick to the larger compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and you will be more efficient with your time too, bonus!

Know your strength

When working your chest for example, one side will inevitably be weaker because we are human and not perfect. On a chest press machine, where the weight is spread evenly over your two hands your stronger pectoral will naturally try to compensate for your weaker. This will only prove to exacerbate the strength discrepancies. Whereas if you were to perform dumbbell bench presses, you would immediately be able to identify your weaker side, and seek to improve your strength.

Are there dangers?

As with any form of exercising, there is always a level of danger, as you are working with heavy weights and putting your body under stress. However Helio have a highly trained and experienced team of personal trainers on hand to give you helpful tips and guidance so you can be the better self that you’ve always said you’re going to be!

Come down to Helio to say hello to healthy by improving your fitness and your confidence!