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Name: Chrystal Swaries

Specialism: Boxing

Unique Facts: Currently play hockey for North West of England

What inspired you to become a PT? And how long have you been one? After having Personal training myself it made me realise how much I really wanted to help like myself that had no idea of what to do in the gym or if what i was doing was right. So I went on to do an apprenticeship where I learnt alongside working. I studied that for 2 years and then went onto become a personal training and I have been doing that for two years now

What are the common misconceptions that people have about PT’s? That they are all vein, stuck up and all about the looks. Far from it we are just normal people that want to go the extra mile to help others

What is an average day like for you? I tend to have early clients or train early, then stay around the gym to help if its needed. Then go onto train some more clients, teach some classes and then go onto to my hockey training. Also finding time to eat, study and maybe get some extra training in between if I have time

What are your specialities?  Sports specific training, Boxing training and general weightloss and toning

Why did you pick your specialisms? I have played sports for many years and have a real love for sports and I really like using my imagination when it comes to sports specific training exercises and session. I specialise in weight loss and toning because over the years they have been my main areas of what I wanted to achieve, so I went on to learn more about them to be able to help others achieve the same

What has been your most rewarding experience as a PT? There has been many rewarding experiences as a personal trainer from building clients confidence up enough so they can do self motivated sessions to running half marathons. Training clients up for big races from ultramarathons to tough mudders were they had the confidence to trust their training and go onto complete the races in amazing times. Being able to train the people I train is rewarding enough

What is the biggest challenge for you as a PT? As a personal trainer the biggest challenge is getting people to see how amazing they are and that by changing your body does not stop all the mental battles that we all go through with body image and that by accepting who they are will go along way within fitness and training

How do you stay motivated on a daily basis? Remind myself of my long term goals and why I started training. But also that if I do not do a session it is not the end of the world and that your body needs rest every now and then

How do you spend your spare time? I spend my spare time volunteering at a food bank, helping out with my local church, playing hockey, playing netball, hockey training and studying to help better myself as a personal trainer

What are your top tips to stay fit and healthy? Have a positive mind set, do not make the gym a chore but a happy place to come too, do workouts that you enjoy and set yourself goals along the way to help keep you motivated