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Name: Eric Whitehead Gym Activity: Body Combat, Boxing & Gym Unique Fact: I've been a rock & roll dancer for the past 30 years Eric is a regular of the gym, always in good spirits and tries different classes from Body Combat & Boxing, always up for a challenge! ABOUT MEMBER OF THE MONTH - ERIC How do you feel about become Member of the Month? Very happy to be given this. What is your gym goal and how are you going about achieving it? To keep fit. To do this I train on a regular basis. What is your favourite part about Helio? The staff & the friendliness of...

Helio Gym Myth Buster – Everyone is watching me!

We’ve all felt it. You timidly prise open the doors of the gym like the swinging doors of a saloon and a silence seems to settle upon the gym and all eyes appear to train upon you as if you are a limping gazelle navigating the Savanna. While this might be what it feels like, it’s not the case! Everyone feels a little insecure in the gym; worrying someone can run faster, longer, better than you. Worrying that someone can lift more than you and for longer… But you need to remember that no one is in a gym to...

PT Spotlight – Jennie Oss

Name: Jennie Oss Specialism(s): Weight Loss Unique Fact: I like turning anything dull into something pretty. What inspired you to become a PT? And how long have you been one? After I put on weight after the birth of my daughter. What are the common misconceptions that people have about PT’s? I feel people underestimate the knowledge personal trainers have. What is an average day like for you? One to one training and group classes with free taster sessions and helping members. What are your specialities? Group training and weight loss. Why did you pick your specialisms? I love training and I love being in a gym environment. What has...

Helio Health Hints – Exercising with high cholesterol

Over half (YES half!) of the adults in the UK today suffer from irregularly high cholesterol, that’s a whopping percentage of people! As many of us well know, high cholesterol can lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease; something I’m sure we all want to avoid! However exercise can be the exact thing to help those suffering with high cholesterol. Exercise is actually proven to increase the transportation of cholesterol from the cells to the liver for processing and elimination from the body. The best way to get started is to start out slow if you have had a break from...

PT Spotlight – Rachel Ratcliffe

Name: Rachel Ratcliffe Specialism(s): Fat loss + Bootcamps Unique Fact: I'm hoping to climb Kilimanjaro in the next few years. I make a mean carrot cake… so I've been told! What inspired you to become a PT? And how long have you been one? I have been a personal trainer for about 2 years now. I have always been into sports growing up, but once I left college I became lazy and gained quite a bit of weight. After having my son, I decided that had to change! Trying so many different ways and realising most of them are not achievable, I educated myself about how to...

Ditch the Diet – Manageable Nutritional Meals

Helio is more than a gym, it's a health community that welcomes everyone. Our team of PTs are highly experienced and trained, welcoming and approachable. Whatever your interest, be it PT sessions, free weights or CV, Helio has the right facilities to help you achieve your fitness goals. Being healthy is a lifestyle not a passing fad - eating manageable nutritional meals is the way forward! We have listed our top tips to stay healthy and nutritious, so you don’t fall into the routine of fad diets! This is the first step to your lifestyle change. Whole Foods Challenge Make sure you check...